Full Truckload

Dedicated to giving you the best service!

TOP ENERGY LTD provides truckload shipping services for small to enterprise level business supply chains and government entities throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. We also arrange international shipments. From matching your load with the right truck and great truckload freight rate all the way to delivery, our team of truckload freight shipping experts will see to it that you are covered from A to Z whether you require the capacity of a full or partial truckload.

Truckload shipping is usually best suited when a freight shipment exceeds 5,000 to 10,000 pounds, depending on the commodity being shipped. This service is also ideal for commodities that are unpackaged or may require refrigeration, climate control, flatbeds or other special accommodation for oversize or overweight shipments. Truckload freight is not the least expensive transportation option, but it can be much faster than LTL freight because it requires no truck transfers (e.g., unloading and reloading of your shipment).

When it comes to fast service, done right and with energetic and upbeat staff, no one compares. We are constantly surveying our customers to understand their needs. We have discovered a few simple things they want:

Dedicated Support

TOP ENERGY has a team of freight experts that only deal with truckload carriers. They’re knowledgeable in every aspect of truckload freight shipping.

Wider Coverage

The availability of trucks is constantly changing. Partnering with TOP ENERGY closes the capacity gap for all customers at a competitive price.

Better Service Options

We hold our carriers to the highest of professional standards and business practices. You can rely on TOP ENERGY to find a carrier that’s right for you.